Adrianna Fortier is a pain vampire, turned by Drystan Fortier at the age of 17.

Physically, she is 17, though by 1973, she is 49. She has ice blue eyes and jet black hair. 5'9", 140 lbs.


Adrianna Fortier was born Maria Astria Laurent on April 12th, 1924 to two tender and loving parents. Her father was the local doctor, her mother, a seamstress.

Maria was a fearless little girl, with no fear of strangers. She also was very in tune to other people's emotions, always cuddling with people when they were sad.

The KidnappingEdit

At the tender age of eight, Maria was taken while walking through the woods. It was only the latest in a string of disappearances. The 11 other people had disappeared from Obernai that November. Her kidnapping happened in the beginning of December.

She doesn't remember much, but what is known is this: It involved a large burly man by the name of Gilgamesh. Renee was the name of the woman that "rescued" her. She was very sick afterwards, and the words dureri nosferatu seemed tied to her memories of the event.

Upon being returned home, Maria received a visit from Renee and was presented with a gift - an ornamental pin that released the scent of lilac every so often. She kept the pin for years afterward.

Growing Up YearsEdit

Maria's ordeal didn't affect the way she behaved in public. She was still a social child and claims to have known everyone her age that lived in Obernai.

Shortly after recovering from the illness that suddenly overcame her when she was returned from her kidnapping, she got the inclination to take dance lessons. The longer she danced the more she gravitated to wanting to dance in Paris. And, despite her blaming it on her mother, decided to join the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris at the age of 12.

The OperaEdit

It goes without saying that Maria was too sweet to make many friends in the Opera. It was during her time there that she developed her keen sense of observation as well as her knack of using those observations as a weapon against those that mocked her.

Her life was unimpaired by the threat of war. But when the Germans crossed into France, the Opera shut down. That whole summer Maria outgrew the minimum height for a chorus girl. But when Hitler demanded a performance, they waved the height limits to let her dance.

It was during a recital for this performance that Maria first met Drystan Fortier and was introduced to her second life.


After Drystan kidnapped her for as second time, Maria was confronted with a second personality, Adrianna. This personality took over at the moment of her turning.

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