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Born Kryseis Mór Milse, she is known as Krys by her friends, though at times they also call her "Crisis" or "Red". She is the pilot of WindSong.

Growing Up Years Edit

Krys was born to Holden Milse and Cherish Potter. Very little is known about Krys's young life. When she was four years old, her mother, Cherish, died of unknown causes.

Krys mentions that her father being short on cash for an extended period of time. That period ended when Holden got a job aboard the ship Teal Morning under the captain Kayl Torrent whom he subsequently married.

Life on the Teal Morning Edit

Growing up on an airship was precisely what Krys's life had been waiting for. She got schooling not only in the usual subjects, but in everything aeronautic. She picked up a love of flying and danger when Kayl taught her how to use the glider.

It is most unfortunate, however, that Kayl and Holden's firey relationship went up in smock a short two years later. And so, despite the fact that Krys had a strong bond with Kayl, she left with her father to live in Gillingham after the divorce.

A New Life Edit

Krys was ten when her father met Regina. They married a short time later. Krys never really adjusted to living on the ground in the first place, but when
Krys new

Krys as a young teen

Holden through a new mother in the mix, Krys flat out rebelled. She didn't want Kayl to be replaced. And, to make matters worse, Regina didn't approve of Krys to begin with.

Of course, along with Regina came two daughters and three sons, making Krys suddenly the eldest of six. A year later, Regina and Holden had a set of twins, leaving Krys feeling more lost in a family that she felt didn't want her.

Thankfully, redemption came when Kayl helped her get into the Air Academy.

The Academy and the Dawning of a Beautiful Friendship Edit

Very little is known about Krys's teen years at this time. However, we do know that due to an serendipitous (if not scary) incident involving a plane (which Krys calls flyers) she met her best friend, JelDhen Whitefall.

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