A high ranking member of the Shadow Cast Society and classified Seeker in said society. He is known as "the scourge of the western sky" and has known affiliations with the pirates that roam Skydes. He is also mentor to Krys. His true purposes are, as of yet, unknown and his actions are often contradictory to his words.

He wears a mask at all times, though the mask he chooses varies. Again, the reasoning for this is unknown, though there are many theories - not the least of which being that he has a horribly disfigured face. This theory seems ill conformed, however, due to the fact that his variety of masks cover anywhere from one side of his face to just his eyes to the lower half of his face. Given this, one may, in theory, construct an accurate picture of his face over time. However, seeing as how he doesn't associate with the same crowd for more than a few days at a time, no one has done so as of yet. He also falsifies accents depending on which group he is in the presence of, but I'm afraid he's not too terribly good at it.