A basic north African style airship. Owned by Drystan Fortier.


The Azure Storm has a basic adelaide engine.



Previous OwnersEdit

A pair of Bedouin traders in Morocco. Killed by Drystan before he took ownership.

Drystan MorganEdit

He killed the previous owners to take ownership of the ship. He renamed the ship The Azure Storm thinking only of Adrianna's eyes.


not listed


Drystan MorganEdit

A pain vampire formerly in association with Renee Fortier. He broke from her clan shortly after being captured by The Shadow Cast Society.

Amia MorganEdit

A pain vampire, turned by Drystan Morgan. Biological sister of Alexis Morgan.

Alexis MorganEdit

A pain vampire, turned by his biological sister, Amia Morgan.

Melody VateEdit

Oldest daughter of Estelle Vate. Twin sister of Grayson Vate. She was captured by Drystan in an effort to serve The Shadow Cast Society. airship