Vampires are commonly referred to as 'noxfers': a coloquial play on the term 'nosferatu' meaning 'unclean spirit', 'disease bearing', 'not breathing', or 'insufferable' depending upon the translation.

There are four basic types of Vampires, which should be looked at more like extreme addicts than as super natural undead. Each has its own name and classification.

The Classes of VampirismEdit

A common misconception is that vampirism requires the sucking of blood. If you told a vampire that, it'd probably drain you of whatever it is it consumes just for comparing it to a parasite.

Dureri NosferatuEdit

Pain Vampires or dureri nosferatu (meaning 'the pained' kind) are the most commonly known, and so far the most elusive types of vampires. The first record of humans becoming addicted to the pain of others is unknown. Texts make references to sadists as far back as the origin of the human psyche.

Physically, they are human. They consume food, have warm blood and a fully functioning bodily system. They are not 'undead' as one may assume, but rather diseased, though it is doubtful that they view themselves as such.

They receive life from the pain of others, or rather, they postpone death with the pain of others.

Ucidere NosferatuEdit

Death Vampires or ucidere nosferatu (meaning 'the deadly/fatal/killing' kind) are what comes to mind with the classical conception of vampirism. However, unlike this classic view, they do not drink blood. Instead, they drain the life energy or neural energy of their victim through a star-shaped slits on their palms. It us unclear as to how or when these slits appears, but it is thought to develop early in the transformation process.

Death Vampires are typified by their alluring attractiveness and increased speed and strength.

Chemător NosferatuEdit

With a name that means 'alluring' is it any wonder that this classification is highly desirable and extremely lethal. Very little is known about these sexual predators, only that they are parasitic and feed off the vast amounts of energy released during sexual conduct.

Afectiv NosferatuEdit

Emotional Vampires are the hardest to classify, and yet we know so much about them. These are usually empathic witches or were, that become addicted to the emotions of others. So much so that, in fact, their life energy is sustained by the emotional energy of others.