A basic airship owned by JelDhen Whitefall.


The WindSong has a basic adelaide engine.


"It looked like someone had taken a series of ill-constructed tin rooms, fastened them together with some iron planks, and slapped on some copper piping for good measure.

Alright, so she wasn't all that bad. WindSong had some rather nice perks, not the least of which being the excellent yellow-tinted domes we had for windows all over the place. Another wonderful thing about the ship was that there was enough room for two quarters, a proper laundry room, and a ridiculously small kitchen. She was just our size. We even had a small cargo hold in the back, complete with showers, a brig and a few extra bunks in case of passengers."


Hard Bank Left


Previous OwnersEdit

JelDhen WhitefallEdit

JelDhen bought WindSong shortly after graduating from the Air Academy. He used it to run missions for a year while waiting for Krys to graduate.


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JelDhen WhitefallEdit

Owner and Captain of WindSong. An inventor, tinkerer and Moonlighter.

Krylsorta MilseEdit

Known as Krys by her friends, she's the pilot and co-owner of WindSong.

Amilia HalsforthEdit

Lia is Krys's oldest younger step-sister. She joined the crew shortly at the beginning of Hard Bank Left.

Velrietta Saphron Hepsibar Constantine VIEdit

JelDhen and Krys refer to her as Ve. Though, Krys prefers to call her "that annoying priss." More often than not, she hires the WindSong crew for her jobs. Eventually, she becomes part of the crew and is instrumental in rescuing Krys from Hrothgar.

Festra Alexandria CorridayEdit

Festra Alexandria Corriday, more commonly known as "Fes" - or rather, known by Fes upon threat of being disemboweled with a spoon - is one Europe's best thieves. She is known most for her repeated sacking of the Sir. Constantine's English manor.

Cadence Terrance HarperEdit

Younger brother of Jarreth Harper. He was a passenger from New Orleans to Chicago. airships