The term most often found with wizards is "hyperthink". Like witches, wizards have access to advanced brain cells that process higher amounts of energy and aether. These particular cells allow them to have problem solving skills through the roof, as well as the ability to invent and create new gadgets.

Wizards, in fact, are the reason for society being the way it is, with everything being hand crafted and yet technology being far advanced compared to other time streams.

Unfortunately, the downside of being a wizard is the life expectancy. The aether that wizards use, unlike witches, comes from their own body, their life force. A wizard with good self control can live to be as old as 60, though most don't live long beyond 40. For those who have little self control, IE those who are in the scientific field, do not live more than 15 years beyond their initial hyperthink. It is for this reason that The Shadow Cast Society does not consider wizards to be much of a threat.